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Playoffs Show Mets Have Work To Do

If you’re a Mets fan and have watched any of the playoffs, then it should be clear that the Mets have work to do in order to become a contender again. All of the post season teams have shown much deeper, better constructed lineups and overall more athletic rosters.

The Mets starters, if they were ever healthy, would match up with the best rotations. Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard give the Mets a solid No. 1 and 2 going into next year. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. But the difference in bullpens is stark. Can any Mets fan envision the 2017 Mets bullpen competently pitching as many innings as these playoff teams have?

The quality of the batters in the lineups is another noticeable difference. The Mets lineup as currently constructed doesn’t come close to matching the depth shown by the playoff teams. Aside from Yoenis Cespedes, who can the Mets count on for offense next year? Maybe Michael Conforto, depending on how he recovers from shoulder surgery.

Mets vs Playoff Teams

Just look at how the Mets did against teams that made it to the playoffs in 2017. Here is a table of their won-loss record and the run differential against each team.

Los Angeles0-7-42

It wasn’t only the teams that made it to the playoffs who outclassed the Mets in 2017. Against all teams that finished with a winning record, the Mets went 17-49, the worst record by far in baseball. Watching this post season is just a last reminder to Mets fans how much work their front office has to accomplish this off season.

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