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Jose Reyes Fielding

Is This The End of Jose Reyes’ Career?

What does the future hold for Jose Reyes? He’s currently on the 10-day disabled list due to an oblique strain. The Mets have been trading away most of their veteran, soon-to-be free agents. Reyes was placed on waivers along with the others. So the Mets could still trade him if any other team is interested. The question is not only if any other team wants the 34-year-old injured infielder. It’s also what is the Mets’ plan next year for Reyes.

Jose Reyes Contract

When he returned to the Mets last season, it was at a very team-friendly price. The Colorado Rockies are still paying Reyes $22 million for this season, from when he was under contract with them. The Mets are only paying Jose $535,000. If the Mets want to bring him back next year, what would be the cost? Will Reyes accept a much lower salary after making $22 million this year? Would there be any other team besides that Mets even interested in him?

Performance Decline

As any player ages, there is a natural decline in their performance. In the case of a player whose game depends so much on their legs, the decline can be more dramatic. As the WAR chart below shows, Reyes never really rated that high defensively. His value came from his offensive production, especially for a shortstop.

Jose Reyes Career oWAR and dWAR

Position Switch

The Mets won’t be using Jose at shortstop, now that Amed Rosario has been promoted. They do have openings at second base and third base. Reyes performed poorly at third earlier this season. He admits that he did not feel comfortable there. He has looked serviceable at second base since Rosario’s promotion. However the team has other cheap, in-house players who can play the infield. Wilmer Flores, T.J. Rivera, Matt Reynolds and Gavin Cecchini not to mention that the Mets also hold an option on Asdrubal Cabrera for next season.

Rosario’s Mentor

There is one ace-in-the-hole that Reyes has that none of the other players mentioned have. That is his close, big-brother-like relationship with rookie shortstop Amed Rosario. The Mets might feel that Jose’s guidance and advice to Amed during his first full season in the big leagues might be reason enough to bring him back next year. It should be an interesting off-season for Reyes and the Mets.

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