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Jacob deGrom Pitching

Sizzling Jacob deGrom is Dominating Opposing Lineups

Jacob deGrom has been absolutely dominant beginning with his June 12th start against the Cubs. Including that game, his totals in his next five starts are: W-L 5-0, ERA 1.62, IP 39, H 23, SO 36, BB 8. Let’s look in more detail at some simple stats to see why Jacob’s done so well.


You can see that his ground ball rate is excellent as well as the ratio of ground outs to air outs. Also notice that deGrom is throwing a higher than usual number of change ups. He started to be able to command his off speed pitch better. With more confidence in it, he threw it more often.

Hall of Fame Tip

Jacob deGrom credits his resurgence in part to a tip from Hall of Famer John Smoltz. The two texted about it. He added a new side session regimen, throwing two light side sessions of 15-20 pitches at around 70-percent intensity between starts instead of the single, longer, session that most starting pitchers use. It allows him to become more familiar with his delivery, better able to detect mechanical errors before they become significant. He told

I had a good conversation with John Smoltz about it. I have his number and I texted him and said, ‘Hey, do you have a minute to talk?’ We just kind of talked about the idea behind it. He said he threw two sides for 10 years. You’re at like 70 percent, but you get on the mound more and you’re more familiar with your delivery.

deGrom added:

I think just being able to repeat my delivery, there’s a little more consistency there. I was flying before, I would yank the ball, or I guess I call it pushing it. I would yank it to a right-handed batter then throw it up and away to a lefty. So getting back to getting kind of on top of it, closer to where I need to be, has helped me a lot.

The Future

The 29-year-old deGrom has allowed one run or fewer in 42 of his first 93 career starts. Since 1913, only Dwight Gooden has matched that type of career start. There have been rumors that the Astros would like to acquire deGrom. He may not have a comic-book character nickname, but his talent and quiet professionalism would be sorely missed in the Mets clubhouse.

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