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Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard is Eating Innings

Earlier this spring, much was made of Noah Syndergaard’s weight gain of 17 pounds. Thor, as he is sometimes known, attributed the increase to his off season workouts and meals, as he explained:

I really paid attention to my diet and just eating a lot of good healthy things,” Syndergaard said. “There was this place in particular that I went to back home. It’s called Kozy Kitchen and my roommates and I probably went there like four or five times a week. My go-to is called the ‘bowl of doom.’ It’s a sweet potato hash with bacon, you can get buffalo in it or venison sausage, avocado and scrambled eggs. It’s plenty.

You can read more details about the “Bowl of Doom” in Newsday.

Noah Syndergaard’s Innings

A lot of concern was expressed last spring about the number of innings that the Mets starting staff had thrown in the previous year of 2015. Reaching the World Series for the first time in 15 years, the young staff was forced to exceed their previous innings limits. Matt Harvey‘s innings were of particular concern as he was coming back from Tommy John surgery. Also worrying was the dramatic increase in Thor’s work load. Lets take a look at his last 5 years:

Noah Syndergaard's Innings
Noah Syndergaard’s Innings

Many thought that Noah was at risk of developing arm problems in 2016 due to the large increase in 2015 innings . The Mets prefer to increase the number of innings by no more than 30 per year. But as we all now know, other than the ageless Bartolo Colon, Syndergaard was the only starting pitcher not to miss time due to injury in 2016.

Looking to Thor’s 2017

No one knows if the added weight gain this winter will harm Noah Syndergaard. Some worry at the incredible velocity of his pitches. His fastball averages over 97 mph and slider over 90 mph. His mechanics are sound and repeatable. But if he can remain healthy, expect him to pitch around 200 innings in the 2017 regular season. The Mets hope to have him available to pitch around 20 innings more in the postseason.

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