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Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes Expectations in 2017

Forgotten in all the good will towards Jose Reyes this year is that some pundits dismissed his acquisition last spring. Aside from the domestic violence charges for which he was suspended 51 games and which he addressed in the Daily News again earlier this spring. The general sentiment was that Reyes was of little use on a major league team. Seen as too often injured and as an aging player of limited value. He’s also a player who depends largely on his legs to be successful.

Jose Reyes Recent Production

Lets look at his offensive and defensive numbers since he left the Mets in 2011.

Jose Reyes Stats 2012-2016


Downward Trend

Offensively, while you notice a slight drop in OBP, it was never a Reyes strong point anyway. You also notice a slight decline in doubles. But you see a bigger drop in stolen bases. Reflecting the concerns of his critics last spring that Jose’s effectiveness has weakened due to his aging legs. He was especially prone to hamstring injuries early in his career. But has avoided leg injuries more recently.

Defensively, you can see that Jose Reyes never ranked as a good defensive player. Last year brought a drop off in fielding percentage, possibly because of the new position at third base. A slight improvement in DRS, although still below average. A slight improvement last year in UZR, although using only a small sample and still below average. It seems odd that the player being promoted as the Mets “super utility” guy scores so poorly in defensive metrics.

How much will Reyes even play in 2017? Recently, Terry Collins said that the Mets would like to get Jose in the lineup 3-4 times a week. Presumably playing some third base, second base, shortstop and unlikely, in the outfield. Jose will turn 34 this June.

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