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Michael Conforto

Michael Conforto Proves He Belongs

Outfielder Michael Conforto was the NY Mets lone representative at the All-Star game this year. He’ll be playing in a lot more of them if the improvement he’s shown this season is any indication. Read more to see how he has gotten better.

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Jay Bruce Batting

Surprisingly, Jay Bruce is Still a Met

The trade deadline came and went while NY Mets right fielder Jay Bruce was fly fishing during an off day in Colorado. There were no bites for the veteran lefty slugger. Read more to see why most fans are glad Bruce is still a Met.

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Will Nimmo Find Playing Time?

NY Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo was once described as a golden retriever trapped in a baseball player’s body. The good natured 24 year old is one of the players who might benefit from moves that the Mets make at the trading deadline. Read more to see what Nimmo brings to the team.

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